My Guarantee
 I am so confident in my "done-for-you" marketing services, I am willing to stand behind them and offer you a full refund of my service / management fees. This does not include any advertising monies paid to our advertising networks since those fees are paid for placement of your display / video ads and is outside of our control.

The only condition I place upon this offer is that I (and / or my agency, Millennial Marketing, LLC) have full control over your campaign(s). That is to say, I / we can change marketing / advertising strategies as soon as we see the need to, without having to consult and / or advise you. I will, however, update you on our monthly reporting meeting.

I demand this contingency strictly because in order for me to be able to offer such a guarantee, I have to have the ability change our course of action as soon as I see a specific strategy isn't producing the results we anticipated. By doing so, it lets me keep your ads in front of your perfect customer at all times, thus creating higher lead generation, which is our goal for you.

This refund offer is unheard of in the advertising / marketing industry, and I cannot think of any other agency making this offer, so there really is no risk to you! 

All other agencies and / or online marketers / consultants use the same ole disclaimer; The Internet is always changing and we are at the whim of or who are always changing their algorithms.

Honestly, I call B. S.!!

That may be true if they're running your campaign on just one platform; Google Adwords or Facebook Ads. However, I run your campaigns using "Real Time Buying" (RTB) on the websites your most perfect customer is visiting at the most opportune time they are in the buying mode.

This isn't controlled by outside forces but simply knowing your customers behaviors! This is why I am so successful and can make this Guarantee!

Remember, since I was good enough to handle the crimes against you or loved ones, you should feel safe and confident enough for me to handle your marketing campaigns. Especially since I am the only Marketing Agency that: 
1. Offers a money back Guarantee 
2. Does not charge any setup fees such as; Onboarding, Creating Display and / or Video Ads or Creating Landing Pages like most agencies. This can add another one to two thousand dollars. Plus they charge ectra every month to create new Display and / or Video Ads. I don't! My flat rate management fee is "All Inclusive."  (Exception: there is a one time $997 satellite access fee charge to satellite provider) 
3. Does not charge (Steal) a percentage of your ad spend. Other agencies take between 10% - 24%. So, if you put in $1000 thinking it's all going to your advertising, you're wrong. These agencies take $100 to $240 of that and line their pockets with it. I think that is unethical and downright CRIMINAL! 
4. Does not charge "Tier Level" management fees. Most other agencies charge you a higher management when you add more advertising dollars toward your campaigns. 

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