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Ron Duval retired from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department after a successful 35+ year career. Hired on November 17, 1982, Ron worked for approximately 1 year at Men's Central Jail after graduating from the Academy like most Deputy Sheriff's.

Ron was then assigned to Firestone Patrol Station, where he worked 4 years as a Patrol Deputy and later, a Field Training Officer. Ron then promoted to the position of Gang Investigator (Detective) and he remained at Firestone Station for another 6 years. Ron then transferred to City of Industry Station where he worked 16 more years as a Gang Investigator. 

During Ron's 22 year tenure as a Gang Investigator, he received many accolades and commendations for his "Never Give Up" attitude. Ron testified 148 times as a Gang Expert in the Superior and Federal court systems. You can read about several of his cases online.

In May of 2010, Ron was promoted to Homicide Investigator, which is considered the Premier Detective position. Only the "Best" investigators work Homicide Bureau.  In fact, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Homicide Bureau earned the nickname, "Bulldogs" in 1977 when the Los Angeles Times published an article comparing them with L.A.P.D. The article compared LASD Homicide Investigators to bulldogs because they are tenacious and NEVER LET GO. Ron worked Homicide Bureau for 8 years and it was his last assignment before retiring in 2018.

Throughout Ron's career, he has provided numerous television and radio news interviews regarding his cases and has been featured on "L.A.'s Most Wanted" and the Investigative Discovery Channel's, "Perfect Murder" series. His episode was titled, "Murder Well Done." Ron and his partner at the time both received from then California Attorney General Kamala Harris' "Award of Commendation" for that investigation

Although the Sheriff's Department was his real true love, Ron's passion for weight training and photography / videography led him to join a nutritional supplement multi-level-marketing company in 1999. Ron soon was designing websites for his MLM downline and expanded into domain names and merchant account services.

By 2000, Ron was a top producer in the MLM as his online marketing expertise was flourishing. He was routinely on the first page of all the search engines, including the soon-to-be king, "Google.com." When Google.com first introduced Pay Per Clip advertising, Ron dominated the first page using unique PPC strategies.

Ron formed his Limited Liability Company in 2001. Over the past 21 years, Ron has honed his self taught marketing skills through books, training courses and mentorships by high level marketers. Now, he operates a successful Digital Marketing Agency with big name clients like Kenworth Trucks and Toyota, and many local businesses wanting to grow their profits.

Ron has authored 5 books so far about online marketing. They can be found on Amazon

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